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I’m a child of God through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, learning to be more like my Father. Trusting His will as He leads me through life. Using His Word as a lamp to light my path. Listening as He speaks tender words of comfort and peace through the storms.

Attempting to keep my balance as I walk the narrow way!

Working to keep myself from being blinded by the praise of men and their criticisms. Desiring through it all that Jesus will be seen in me. Striving not to be distracted by the outward man. Seeing that my personal relationship with Christ is what really matters. Knowing then that He knows my heart which ought to be my focus.

And doing my best for Him with a body He fearfully and wonderfully made with Chiari I “Mal”formation.

All to find that in my weakness He IS strong!


2 thoughts on “Hosted by

  1. Glad to see that you have a positive output for your thoughts. It’ll be great for you to express yourself this way and share yoyr heart with those who care ot read it. keep looking up! Hugs!

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