Chiari I Malformation

If you are a fellow Chiarian then I’ve no doubt you have figured out the reason behind the name of this blog. We all had a day when our lives changed forever by a mysterious thorn in our flesh. The day when it felt as though our head would explode. And the herniation of our “marbles” into our spine caused unusual side affects.

Some of us have this day everyday of our lives. Some have been decompressed and have at least some relief. Some have had the surgery, or many of them, only to find themselves in greater pain.

If you are a brother or sister in Christ then you’ll know how a walk with the Lord will cause or family and friends to think we have lost our marbles. As we learn to walk with Him we find that we must make radical changes to our lives. Family forsakes. Friends turn away. Enemies tear at us. Christ is there. Christ is here. Christ heals our wounds, yes, even if He leaves them with scars to remind us that it is by His wounds we are healed.

I want for this blog to be a comfort to people dealing with chronic pain. Maybe you have no physical battle to fight day by day but you are torn apart emotionally. Perhaps your frontlines are spiritual. Are you looking for a place of refuge? Has your hope been buried somewhere beneath the trials of the day? Forgotten what it feels like to have faith? Trustworthiness in others is lost? Tired of being sick and tired? No one understands?

Come sit awhile with me. Let us look into the Saviours eyes and learn of him!


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