BucketList: Get a college degree

BucketList: Get a college degree.


College Students

No, the plural form is not a mistake.  I’m going back to college on September 1st!

I’m excited, nervous and grateful all within a single moment.  It’s a very long story, 23 years worth of chapters, to tell right now. Suffice it to say a dream set aside has come to life again.  Granted, it has taken on a slightly hugely different form – from Whale/Dolphin Trainer to Graphic Designer – but it is my dream.  A dream the God of Heaven and earth and lover of my soul has set in motion and provided all the means to fulfill.

“Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thy heart.” Psalm 37:4

Brandon also begins classes in September for Film School at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy in Chicago.

I’m so thrilled for him.  I believe God will use this tremendously in his life.  Very few applicants make it into this exclusive school.  And only a handful are awarded the founder’s scholarship.

Lead Me

A song shared with me quite awhile ago. I absolutely love the transparency about the reason for this song.  Friends it isn’t sin to share our struggles.  If you think it is, well, then, you may want to check how meek and humble you are in God’s sight.  I can’t imagine that there are any wives who wouldn’t be blessed by a husband with the desire expressed in this song.

(NOTE: If you are opposed to CCM, please do not write me to express all the evils of this genre. I’m wholly familiar with them. And I’m not interested in this post being side-tracked by a debate over the merits or faith of the artists.)

Three Months

(I blogged this post about a week ago. Now that we finally have internet at home, I should keep this blog better updated.)

Three months have passed since I came through one of the most painful and, simultaneously, peaceful experiences of my life. I celebrated my new quality of life by hanging out with my oldest daughter for the day.

Off to the library, we headed for the free wi-fi. I started a FAFSA application for our oldest who begins college in only 40 more work days. Then discovered he has to wait for next year. I am assuming that is for his newly accredited college to gain their federal number. I also would like to go to college, so I filled out my FAFSA application. Preliminary results reveal that I should qualify for a Pell Grant. This also means our oldest will qualify.

I have always desired a college education. As my health hit the downward spiral I completely abandoned the idea. With the improvement in my quality of life the last three months, I saw the glimmer of this dream becoming a reality. The past couple months I have checked in on some Graphic Design colleges. The first college I had my eye on, is still a possibility but we would foot the bill entirely. Though accredited, the school does not accept Pell Grants. So I decided to do some checking on the colleges and universities who do. I was excited to see a school I had been fond of a many years ago in my Aggie days. I also looked into another school, also in California, which a friend, who is attending online, highly recommended.

While I was working on all of this, my daughter was chatting with friends from Uruguay. I am ever so thankful and grateful for our Uruguayan friends! The Lord gives us so many blessed experiences and living in Uruguay is at the top of our lists. Modern technology is another, allowing us the ability to stay in touch with friends on another continent, and to go to college while still raising a family. 🙂

After the library we grabbed lunch at Culver’s then shopped for birthday presents for a couple of her friends. I dropped her off at home then went out to the edge of town to get the three littlest B’s from the water park. I got to hear all about their fun day on the way home.

I am so amazed at how dramatically my life has changed in three months. I still hurt. I am still weak. I still have those wonderful neurological damage leftovers. I still have headaches with the changing weather. I still have some neck pain. All the “still haves” are nothing, and when I say nothing I mean it, in comparison to three months ago. How wonderfully gracious God is to allow such trauma and pain into my life only to bring me healing in the most unexpected ways.