I’m Back

How has it been 4…four…cuatro…4 years! YIKES!

Well, I know how why it has been so long since I blogged. I just didn’t realize it had been that long.

It’s all good though. I’m back.

Actually, the new and improved, and most importantly cognizant me is here.

Phew, if you’re a fundamentalist and following this blog like you used to 4 years ago, all judgy and condemning, you’ll have a blast.

Not really.

You’re going to hate on me more than you did before.

And that’s ok with me.

You know why?

You don’t pay my bills.

You don’t live my life.

You haven’t battled what I have and come out as amazing as I have.

Yep, even you J.B. I know you’re watching.

Please, send me another nasty letter. I need someone to tell me I’ll never make it on my own, and that I’m demon possessed. Your seven page email tearing me down was so damn true.

HAHA, just kidding. You were so wrong about me.

All the hate from my haters was SO motivational. Really!

After working full-time while going to school, I graduated Summa Cum Laude in April of 2017. It was one of the proudest days of my life!

When I was handed that diploma it was a big F*CK YOU to all those who told me I would fail – J.B., pastors and their wives, deacons and their wives, “friends” and the ex husband.

That reminds me.

I owe all of my haters a big you a thank you for kicking me to the curb and supporting my abusive ex husband. You all forced me to dig deep and find my grit. And I really am thankful for that.

What I have learned about myself and what I’m capable of accomplishing is more than I imagined could come of my divorce 7 years ago.

I’m brave and badass. I’m going places. Here’s to the new adventures of Ain’t Losin’ My Marbles.

– Debbie


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