Just over a week ago I headed out west for a vacation with friends and family. The few days I had in Vegas with high school friends were very refreshing. Then I headed to Lake Havasu to be with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Sadly I only had a couple of days with them. What was to be 2 1/2 weeks ended with a phone call that my house had been broken in to, and among other things my van was stolen from my garage.

I had planned to go to the Work One (unemployment office) once I got home from Arizona. Now I’m spending every moment making lists of things stolen from me. I’m pushing down the dread and fear so I don’t choke on it. I’m zealously studying for my finals so I don’t have to think about the break-in.

If my life could possibly get more difficult from here I can’t possibly imagine how. I’m living on the fumes of hope. It seems everything I do to move forward with my life is turned back on me with a devastatingly cruel twist of fate. Beginning with saying enough is enough last July, and ending with buying my van with my portion of the tax return.

The thieves of my life have stolen many things from me. My hopes and aspirations and physical earthly belongings have been plundered. They’ve kicked me when I’m as down as I can be. They will never defeat me because they can never steal my God given strength and resolve to survive.

I have no idea how I’m going to move forward from here. I’m in a circle of defeat – no van = no job = no money = no van. I don’t know how to make these lemons into lemonade. I just know that I can, once I find the recipe. And you better believe it’s going to be the best batch of lemonade anyone has ever made. Just you wait and see.