I Survived…and I’m Alive

My first full-time college year is far enough in the rear view mirror and I survived. Actually, I hit it out of the park. I took 8 classes this school year and finished with a 4.0. Yes, I’m extremely proud of myself. And, no, I don’t mind saying so. I rocked Art History and Composition 1, both requiring a significant amount of writing. I added to my Photoshop skill set in a Raster image processing class. I learned how to draw and discovered I’m really a pretty talented artist.

Here are my first ever drawings.


Christmas – Graphite and Charcoal


Chiari Life – Graphite


Self Portrait – Charcoal


Basilica Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay – Graphite

It wasn’t easy keeping up let alone excelling and you’ll see why.

I started full-time classes on August 26th. In September I changed jobs, but I was still working at my old job. For a couple months there I was working around 55 hours per week. Things just started settling down when I was promoted and had to go through 4 days of intense classes for insurance licensing. I took my test and passed the following Monday.

Early in December I was brought on as a freelance designer with a local design firm. I have had the opportunity to design for the Boys and Girls Clubs of NW Indiana, an Autism walk, and enter my designs for the NW Indiana House Raffle. For my own freelance business I have worked on an Attorney’s business identity, a non-profit organization’s logo, a for fun t-shirt design for cult survivors and I will be designing my teams t-shirts for the Chiari walk this fall.

I had 3 weeks off for the Christmas holidays where I was informed by my landlord he was selling the house. My house-hunt ended the end of January with a happenstance find. Which meant that I was moving at the start of my spring semester…without a truck, only a couple friends were able to help and in the midst of a blizzard. Not fun! I also survived a series of lay off cuts at work. Somehow I manage to keep on keeping on through the daily ups and downs of my Chiari.

Obviously, I was pleased to see the end of the school year. It sure has been nice and calm since then. I decided not to take any summer classes so I could fully recoup, but next fall I’ll hit the ground running as a Sophomore.

On my summer break I’ll be working on some goals for my future. I have some design business ideas that will hopefully provide a steady income. I also have a plan to see a longing of mine become more substantial. I really have appreciated the encouragement from my friends this past year. I really couldn’t do all I do without you all backing me and cheering me on when I grow weary. Thank you!


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