Swallow that Camel

I’m sorry to have concerned so many of my friends with my latest post.  Without a doubt things are not easy.  Sinful people, myself included, don’t make it any easier.

Learning to set aside the deliberately cruel words of believers is a hard thing for me to do.  It isn’t so much the words they say as it is the lack of reasoning.  No matter how hard they try they will never convince that the grass is purple and not green.  Not only does a false declaration not change truth, it points them out as greater fools. God reminds us that it is better not to hear the song of fools. (Ec 7:5).

A statement of the exact meaning of a word leaves very little room for my interpretation.  High doesn’t mean low, nor does low mean high.  No matter how short or tall I am, perspective doesn’t change the definitive.  Period.

Something I have discovered amongst believers whom I have been around is that they claim the authority of Scripture over their lives, but not when perspective changes how they see.  We would call that situational ethics.  The situation trumps God’s Word and His authority.  They claim to obey however they add the BUT to the obedience.  I really should say WE because I know I’m not immune to the affect of sinful human nature.  Isn’t that what causes us all to compromise, or justify in matters that are clearly black and white?

Why do we so desire to concede an whole truth for a partial truth?  Hard as it is to believe the truth about someone, or something, or some situation – truth isn’t subjective, so why are we?

Why do we not acknowledge a lie as a lie?  We have categorized lies into – little, white, harmless, reasoned, etc.

Why do we feel the need to confront others with harsh and uncompromising words, and opinions?  Even when we think we know the facts?  And then expect that they will not respond in defense.

I can think back to several situations in my life.  Chiari would be a significant one.  The evidence proves that Chiari shouldn’t be measured as much on cause (herniation being 5mm or greater), as it ought to be on effect (neurological evidence of a worsening state of being).  The neurosurgeons who have figured that out have helped countless people like me.  Dr. Heffez didn’t wait for me to incur the absolute worst of Chiari before stepping in.  He stepped in and offered a solution towards giving me a measure of my life back while he still could.

So here’s my point.  In the church we condemn the world for everything.  We naturally want to say their wisdom is worthless.  But is it?  I would not be enjoying the good health I have today had I not trusted in the world’s wisdom, given to them by God, of course.  We cry foul that the world knows not the things of God and therefore that settles it.  Does it really, though?

Jesus said to render unto Caesar what was his…do we?  We pay taxes, we pay tolls, and we pay fines.   We elect officials, elect politicians and judges.  We expect the police to uphold the laws…except when it comes to upholding the law against us.  Then it becomes another matter entirely.  Then we cry we must take matters of the church before the church.  Are legal matters really matters of the church?  We cry that we don’t want to give the upper hand to the world or bring government into our churches or homes.  Is that a wise thing?

In our legalistic stances are we robbing ourselves of assets or tools that would be of benefit to the church, or to us personally?

What are your thoughts?



Wondering Why?

I am having one of those incredibly discouraging days weeks months years.   It sure would be nice to get the rotting putrid smell out of my nostrils by airing out the “dirty laundry”.  So, much as I want to, in my flesh, I know I would regret having my say.  God knows the truth!

I’ll say this though, I am wondering… if all that has been said to me today is true?  why did God heal me in March?  why have I witnessed personal answers to prayers, no one else knew about, and no one but God could answer?  why do I have one thing being said to me and another entirely to someone else about the exact same subject?

Someone’s gotta be wrong somewhere.  Or the words “this is pointless”, hurled at me every time sin is confronted, major pet peeve by the way, really is true and God a liar!


“Let God be true, and every man (myself included) a liar.”  I know that much is true.

I’m ready for eternity with my Lord and Savior.  This life on earth is wearying.