Cherish the Crisis

Two years ago I jumped feet first into a college career. I’m so thankful my Aunt Bonnie encouraged me to pursue a continuing education. College has been a life preserver! Giving me a focus I never would have imagined I needed in this season of life.

My life plans and goals have become clearer as I’ve studied Graphic Design at Academy of Art University and now Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. One dream that has come to the forefront is to design for good. Though I plan to have a career as a designer, working for a way fab firm, I want to use the gifts and talents I have for a good cause and to have an affect on social change. (More on this later.)

Ten classes into my college career, I have some real talent and skills emerging that I never would have imagined. Did you know I can actually draw something more than a pitiful little stick man when I put a decent effort into it? But I still can’t draw a dog…go figure!

I enjoy the change and the growth that comes from a challenge. I never would be fully experiencing this artistic creative side of me, had my life not taken a dramatic turn. Crisis moments will become cherished moments if we embrace them for what they are.

Be sure to visit my online portfolio at Behance to see what I’m creating.


New School Same Direction

What does one do when one is in a great school that becomes financially unbearable? It was a question I had to find an answer for when my college raised tuition to $785 per credit hour. Then I realized the government puts a cap on grants and I went into high-gear on research. 

The only answer I could find…I better find a different school to attend. And so, the exploration of schools and their degrees came in to play.

Online or brick and mortar or both?

Public or private?

Art or mainstream? 

BFA or BA?

All that led me to several schools.

One in Chicago, a brick and mortar, was very impressive! As much as I would love to experience playing in their computer labs, and photography studios, the cost was prohibitive. 

Another, online & brick and mortar, was half the current price but was a BA. Not a bad thing, however I would have to go through several math classes to get to Calculus. Um, NOT NOT NOT my thing. Who needs calculus to design? Really? 

So, that eliminated the BA degree and that particular school.

Another option was a normal state school where I could also pick up the state grant. Again I was faced with MATH. UGH! And being in an actual classroom, having to fit my work schedule around daily classes, and a family brought on a double UGH. And have I mentioned actually being in a real classroom? 🙂

Another school eliminated. 

Which brought me to my final school…Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. It is traditional brick and mortar, online and an Art school. Around half the cost of AAU including books and tuition, I can get through my BFA before my grants run out and with less student loan debt.

I should also have a degree in real-time, as I will study 4 classes a semester–2 classes per block. The study load will be similar to summer school but it sounds as though the intensity will be do-able. I will know soon enough. 

The only disappointment…I still have to take Math but, thankfully, not Calculus. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally understand what I couldn’t in high school. HA…fat chance!