My Graphic Design Business

Several years before we headed to Uruguay, I taught myself how to scrapbook digitally.  There were times I thought smoke surely must be blowing out my ears.  Not only from frustration, but from getting my mind to wrap around Corel and then Adobe.

Those agonizing hours spent with my head in my left hand while I worked on tutorials finally paid off.  I entered a contest to learn more about elements of design.   It was wonderful to have the constructive criticism of well known digital artists.  I made it into the top 10 out of a couple hundred competitors and I was hooked.

I saw scrapbook pages entirely in a new light.  Magazine adds, logos, and business cards became teachers for me.  I was commisioned to design the front cover of church directory and an anniversary scrapbook for friends.  I have also used this art for brochures, bulletins, name cards, posters, flyers, holiday cards, wedding announcements, grad announcements, thank you cards, birthday cards, new baby wall art, missionary prayer cards, blog headers and newsletters.  All that and I can also photo enhance.  All from patience and persitence to learn a hobby.

As our my income has decreased due to circumstances of life and our my outflow has increased, I began looking for a way to help supplement our my income. This has turned into a new freelance design business – Graphic Embellishments and a college education at the Academy of Art University.


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