Making Waves

I didn’t always want to be an artist. The closest thing I ever came to art was a stroll through the art museum. Creating art was for artistic people I was merely creative. I didn’t have the skills to draw an inkblot, let alone a masterpiece. In my mid-thirties, I started designing scrapbook pages. Which quickly led into designing informational pieces for a non-profit organization. I decided to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design and started classes in the fall of 2011. This past summer my dreams were surpassed with an internship invitation at “Creative Go Round” in Chicago.

I have a love-fear relationship with Graphic Design. I love the process of creating something out of nothing, bringing to fruition my clients vision is a thrilling process. However, the first steps in the creative process, hitting the project deadlines and meeting the needs of the client often overwhelm me. I always have moments of doubt about my abilities and wish I had picked something less subjective, and artistic, as a career. Then my muse comes to me; my pen records my ideas and the intimidation caused by the unknown retreats. My confidence builds as the ideas flow forth from my mind into solutions in graphic form. 

 I have often considered what it is about graphic design that draws me in. It is the power that graphic arts have in communicating truths to the world around us. I believe each person has a particular role to play in the lives of others. As a pebble dropped into a pond creates ripples, I desire to create waves that will have a positive impact on society. Creating designs that cause people to think critically about social issues, and thereby affecting social change, is my ultimate goal. I relate to the mission behind AIGA’s Design for Good platform, which is to “build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for a social change.”[1] This is where my true fervor lies as a designer.

[1] Design for Good, AIGA,


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