Licensed Agent

When I got my job at the call center I was thankful for something that paid a bit more than what I could make at the daycare. It was difficult to balance the start of classes, training for the job and working at the daycare in the afternoons. Somehow I made it work and I got a 4.0 in my classes, and got a promotion in my new job.

1391673_10151797413518922_1701689776_nLast week I sat down before a computer terminal to force enough insurance terminology to pass the state licensing exam into my brain in a matter of 4 days. When I clicked ‘finished’ on the state exam yesterday I really had my reservations. Since I had my Littles over the weekend I didn’t put in the time to study that I desired. I walked into the testing center praying I wouldn’t have to pay another $75 for the test. When the test proctor came out with my score his grin gave away my results. I passed! Barely. Very close to failing…miss one more question failing…barely. But I passed.

Now I can say I’m a licensed health insurance agent. My new job will be to present Medicare Advantage Plans…and hopefully sell many of them. We shall see. In the meantime I will take any forward motion I can earn. This is definitely moving forward in a decent job while I finish my BFA in Graphic Design. And it should mean I can give my kids a Christmas this year. Finally!!!


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