New Job

All of my friends know that I have been looking for a job within the graphic design field. I sent out about 30 résumés to design firms, printers and signage places. After the follow-up calls I have been added to outsourcing lists for 3 places, which should help me with my freelancing.

A certain someone’s choice to file bankruptcy last year, and my choice to avoid that at all costs, has left me with the mounting debt he chose to avoid. Clearly I need a regular income that pays more than my current old  job so I can get my head above water.

A couple weeks ago I interviewed for a job and was hired shortly after. A breakthrough…finally. It’s not in the design field but they use a significant amount of design in the workplace from posters, motivational banners, ads, informational design, and more. I’ve already put the word out that I would be interested in the in-house design as possible. Maybe this job, as a customer service rep (no, I’m NOT telemarketing) will be my foot into the door of a design opportunity that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise?

This past week I spent 40 hours training for this new position while working in the late afternoons at my old job. Plus I spent about 23 hours studying and working through classwork. By the end of the week I was completely spent. I get to do it again this week. I’m looking at it this way…now I can begin to catch up on my rent.  The bonus is that I have one more week with the babies I’ve cared for these past several months. I’ll miss them.

Another chapter in my life is opening and I’m thankful for the continued progress forward!


2 thoughts on “New Job

  1. Debbie, I’m so happy for you. Not that life has gotten any easier, but it’s a step towards the job that you want.
    We feel your pain in the job market area. Ben went back to college and got a four-year degree in public management in two years. The church could no longer support us, so we moved back East and are living with my parents. He graduated this past May and still couldn’t find a decent job even after getting the degree, so he’s leaving for boot camp very soon to be an officer in the National Guard. After all of his training is over he’s considering going back to school and getting a better four year degree. In one sense life is so difficult right now, with three active kids living in someone else’s not-so- beautiful basement, 🙂 but in another it’s exciting to be working towards a new career that will hopefully allow us to meet our expenses and take care of our children as we desire.
    I hope that you do get a graphic design job in the near future. I enjoy seeing the samples of your work that you post here!

    • Wow, Stacy, I had no idea. I’m glad you guys had somewhere to go, as not ideal as it is. I’m really thankful for this job and I figure I’ll “own” it like any other job I’ve had.

      Thanks for keeping up with me on my blog.


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