Dear Me…Never Ever Quit, Trying Isn’t Your Best, and Forgive


Simple. You already have a decent grasp on this. It’s in your DNA. Hard to get the perseverance of a Pioneer out of your blood.

Be a bold, strong woman of convictions. It’s OK. Really!

Life is hard, especially when you’re not a quitter. You see everyone walking away from commitments and know you have to give it one more shot. Give it your all.

Remember to live your life in such a sold out way that it takes the most dire and terrible circumstances to get you to walk away from a commitment. Be committed to relationships, jobs, your education, goals, or ________.



Sometimes you want to throw your hands up in the air and say, “I tried you should be happy with that!” or “They should be glad I tried.”

Please pay close attention here because this isn’t a matter of semantics. If you are just trying, it really isn’t good enough!

The person you are will never be satisfied with a casual attempt at anything. You can only be content with the knowledge that you did your absolute best.

Granted, you’re not perfect so your absolute best will fall short, a lot! Deal with it. However, living with the don’t quit philosophy will give you great peace of mind when you have done your best and you must leave those that don’t to their own recourse.



Such a foreign word to you right now. And an even more foreign idea. It will take you until you are in your 40’s to finally get a grasp on this but you’ll be ever so glad you forgave others. It really is the only way to not live in bondage to the cancer of hurts that will come your way.

You’re going to have a week when you will see the fruit of your ex-huSband’s hate for you. In one day, at a graduation open house for a friend’s daughter, you will see nearly everyone who willingly, and foolishly, set in motion the destruction of your family.

Your heart will beat out of your chest. As they appear in the distance. What’s more they will act as though you’ve been out sick for a few days. Refusing to acknowledge the pain they have caused.

You will want to give them a hearty peace of your mind. Don’t! 

Instead forgive them! Go home and cry your heart out, and leave them to God.




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