Put Your Conscience to Vote

A few weeks ago I unexpectedly caused quite the uproar on a facebook post.

Conversation heated up.

Blood pressures shot up.

Fingers frantically typed opinions.

Peers pushed for their way or the highway. I was removed from several friends facebook lists.

Still people didn’t get the point. It’s not about YOU voting exactly like I would.

GASP! Really. It isn’t. America is still free. Is it not? It IS about YOU VOTING. Period.

Yes, this vote is crucial. Every vote is. Every. single. one. I think we all know this is why we have smear campaigns and never an honest campaign. It’s extremely hard, and discouraging to say the least to figure out how to vote. Just when you think you have a candidate in your sites, BAM, he or she is knocked out of the race by scandal. Or typically, for me anyways, he’s bumped by a front runner.

Voting has been so ingrained into me that as much as I’d like to say, “Well, my candidate dropped out, so I did too.”, I can’t. I simply just can’t. Some of us would rather throw our vote away by voting the “lesser of two evils”, than study and learn about the ones still in the race and vote our conscience.

More than likely, we just won’t vote at all. And though we may vote in the primaries we definitely won’t vote in any mom and pop local elections…you know, the really important ones for judges, mayors and the like. After all, what difference can they make anyways?!

All the difference in the world! IF we let it.

I challenge my readers to actually sit back and SEE our countries major issues. Take the time to think through things logically and realize that if we have no country (ahem, we go bankrupt) those soapbox issues won’t matter anyways.

I have heard from people in all walks of life and on all sides of the fence. The constant complaint is this economy. It is, indeed. We would like to blame Obama, they want to blame Bush. We want blame Clinton, they want to blame Bush. We want to blame Carter, they want to blame Reagen. Do you see it?

Is voting for the man who will stand up and say, “Nana, nana, boo boo.” to the other side, with no other effect really to our benefit? I think not.

Furthermore, I won’t vote for the man who can’t use a business mind to breathe some fresh air into the deflating dollar. I also won’t vote for a man because he’s got a nice looking family. Or for the color of their skin. Or for the sex on their birth certificate.

Rather, I would like to vote for someone who fears God, in that, he actually acknowledges He IS. And has the same attitude as our creator – free will of the people to choose for themselves, and to govern themselves. Does this mean he has to sit in the same church pew as me? Nope.

Maybe this perfect candidate is right under our noses but we on the Right wing, or they on Left wing, refuse to see what we are flapping our wings over, because he’s…hmm, which superlatives should I use…too perfect or too marred. Or he is too young. Too old. Too jaded. Too happy. Too worldly. Too cloistered. Too immoral. Too moral. Too not who we want to vote for.

I can’t say for whom I’d vote. I have a favorite. He’s been a favorite all along. I admit it, I have a tendency to buck the status-quot and vote my conscience. I figure it’s been pretty reliable all along. Besides, I like being able to live with myself rather than kick myself for following the crowd.

It’s not a vote wasted. It’s a vote kept.


(This blog is an entry into a scholarship for school.)

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One thought on “Put Your Conscience to Vote

  1. I so agree with you. I have always been one who has voted for the candidate and not the lesser of 2 evils. i know people say sometimes that you are jsut throwing your vote away but I agree with you a vote is a vote and it i s not wasted.

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