Conceptual Self Portrait

In an effort to get to know his students and teach us aspects of being the subject of a photo, my photography instructor, Russ Widstrand, gave us the assignment of making a conceptual self portrait. My mind let loose with all sorts of ideas. I really wish I had a studio because I would have had a blast…someday I’ll have a friend who will let me play with their equipment. One can hope, right?!

I decided to make mine a reflective shot. I am definitely in a point in my life where I am pondering all about my future, and learning from my past.

I had the reflection shot off the screen of my Mac Book Pro. My computer is where I learn, communicate, dream, create and so much more. Probably the greatest inanimate object representative of Debbie Borrmann.

I also wanted to go beyond the implied imagery of who I am, and so I included the “me” in writing on my palm.

Let me know what you think. Is this who you see me as? If you were to do a photo-shoot of me where you place me, what would you use to represent me?

Conceptual Self Portrait


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