Spring 2012…Here We Go

On January 30th, online classes for Academy of Art University spring semester were opened and I was like a kid in a candy store. I really do love school. Sometimes it seems silly and somewhat childish. Maybe even a bit awkward…a middle age woman going to school with all the young people. HA.

It’s still awesome! And I’m still thankful for the opportunity to be learning about something I truly enjoy.

Admittedly, classes this first week of school were a bit overwhelming as my older back decided to rebel by going out of joint. Or something like that. Enough to keep me from being up and about. And more than enough to make me cry.

So, back to school, my classes are Principles of Graphic Design and Photography for Graphic Designers. My instructors are amazing. I love the way they teach. I’m learning to do a LOT of sketching. 10 minutes a day. No censoring my ideas. That aspect is the hardest, as you can imagine, after years of censoring every thought and idea. I have a hard time letting every idea flow as it comes to my mind. I have the tendency to nix ideas before they barely have time to form. The method of sketching thumbnails quickly without censor, and without concern of what others think is quite helpful for me.


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