“Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.”

When I served as a missionary I saw God provide for me and my family countless times. I have a journal full of exactly how He chose to meet needs and wants. Throughout the last few months different people took hold of my hands while others smacked them away. And some of the most surprising people have come back into my life.

True friends will show themselves in the good and bad, whether or not they agree with everything you do. I have tried to emulate this in my own life, especially when we were in the ministry. As I see it lived out yet again I’m challenged to keep my head up and my eyes on the Lord.

I saw complete strangers meet the need for my children’s schooling. New friends helped me out in a variety of ways from a new MacBook cord to Christmas presents for me and my kiddos. My Aunt, Uncle and Sister sacrificed their own Christmas so that I, and 7 of my 8 children, could spend Christmas with family. Another friend paid me for cleaning their house. Others have voted on designs. Many have dropped by here, or facebook, and have reminded me that I am not alone.

Today two families who have been by my side through the divorce came by my house to deliver some bread and…






Pop 🙂


No doubt there are things they are giving up so that my children can have a solid meal and some treats too. I know for the one family the trip here to deliver the goods took several hours. Since both families arrived at literally the same moment, one family waited patiently for my attention while the other family and I chatted.

These are the sort of Christlike actions people need to see.

These are two families becoming aware of a desperate need and walking more than a mile with me.

These are the evidences that God has not forsaken me and my children.


3 thoughts on “Twain

  1. Like I said on the FB post yesterday–GOD IS!! What a blessing to see how He’s provided. Thanks fo rsharing! 🙂

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