Entrepreneur Resolutions

2012 offers me another opportunity to build my custom designed scrapbook business, Custom Embellishments. Unlike last year, I won’t need to decline projects because of ill health, or brain surgery recovery.

I have the motivation, aka, extreme financial need, to get this business going.

Earning straight A’s in my fall classes as a Graphic Design student offers me the confidence I need to have to push my art as quality work.

Having learned to make portfolio type brochures in my Materials, Tools and Comping class, I plan to print off some brochures for distribution among Scrapbook and craft stores.

So now that I have the motivation, confidence and knowledge, the only thing lacking is advertising materials.

Aside from the brochures, Business cards are an obvious must-have. I plan to take advantage of Vista Print’s free 250 business card deal.  You can take advantage of this same deal or others, by clicking here.

FYI: every Vista Print purchase made by my readers helps me earn some much needed funds. At present writing they have customized t-shirts on sale for only $6.64, 10 invitation or announcement cards for only $5.49 (you can’t by generic ones in the store for less that this) and calendars for $10.99.

I’m off to take advantage of this great sale and build my business. Be sure and pass the word around and ask your friends to click any of the links in this post to help me out.


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