Last night I picked up my 4 little B’s. It is SO wonderful to have them back home with me. I enjoyed the quiet, while at the very same time missed their chatter.

The bickering.

The tattling.

The giggles.

The fun.

And the bargaining. Surely, you know what I mean by bargaining. “Mom, I’ll ______ (fill in the blank) if you let me ________ (fill in the BIGGER blank).” I was raised right and so the bargain is always countered. Usually not with what they had hoped for.

If they are “sick” they are told they may stay home BUT they have to stay in bed ALL day long. No fun. No TV. No playing with friends after school. Suddenly my children are healed when they hear this counter to their appeal. Maybe I should get into the “healing” arts. Hehe.

Last night I was asked, “Mom, can we stay home from school tomorrow?” Keep in mind, this is coming at the end of Christmas break. A very fun Christmas break! When they were met with a solid, “No!” The counter offer was, “Oh, but we will clean our rooms if you let us stay home.” Now don’t tell them this, but I actually was tempted by this offer. Not for long, yet tempted all the same.

Poor kids were roused this morning by my morning helpers – Silas and the two kitties, Boo and Moo. They dressed, had breakfast, grabbed their lunches and headed to the FREEZING cold ‘burban’ with me to meet their dad to take them the rest of the way to school.

I’m home enjoying the warm opportunity to blog with a sweet little man snuggling at my side. These are the moments that relieve the stress of being an unemployed single mother.

My desire is to encourage and provide hope to other women that can identify with my life. This is also a bit of bargaining from my end. I love to share how God is working in my life. I’m finding my opportunities to earn money from home and praying this blog will be an avenue for that. Keep me in mind, and spread the word!


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