Never Forget

Ten years ago I was innocently unaware that our country was under assault.  As I went about my daily life so were other Americans across this great land of ours.  Businessmen and travelers alike boarded planes.  Terrorists also boarded planes with insidious plans.  As they were hi-jacking passenger jets full of fuel, I was preparing for a day of home school.  The crystal clear blue sky and the refreshingly cool fall air seemed, even now, to defy the horrific tragedy of the morning.  A tragedy of which I was blissfully unaware.  Until the phone calls started coming in.

Standing in absolute disbelief I heard the news from a friend that an aggressive and violent attack upon the United States of America had commenced. As a child growing up in the end of the cold war this scenario had played in my mind often.  Never did I imagine that planes could or would be used a missiles.

Stunned I listened to the radio of people jumping out of buildings from above the impact zones.  To hear that the Pentagon was also hit was alarming. Tremendous relief swept over me knowing that they had grounded all planes.  There was the eerie feeling of looking into the unblemished sky after all the planes had been grounded for hours.

I tried to imagine the engulfing fear of the people at Ground Zero, it became too much to bear.   The alarm was clear in the voices of the radio broadcasters as the World Trade Center Towers began to collapse.  Later as I watched news footage I knew I would never grasp the alarm felt by families, and friends waiting to hear news from their loved ones.  Images are imprinted in my memory of planes exploding upon impact.  People sprinting from the wave of debris.

The events in Manhattan overshadowed all that had transpired in, and nearby, our nation’s capital.  People burning to death because they were trapped inside a military fortress by fire doors meant to protect them.  Heroes who knew of the attacks bravely moved together to overpower the terrorists on flight 93.

That following summer we took a missions trip with the teens of our church.  We visited Manhattan.  Ash still coated buildings.  Damaged buildings were covered with protective black material.  And Ground Zero was a ghastly hole in the earth.

Today and tomorrow I will remember.  My children will be reminded of the impact good can have over evil.  Though evil shall rejoice in momentary victory it shall be cast away.  Jesus rules over all.  And though I don’t pretend to understand why God allowed this tragedy to pass through His Sovereignty to us, I do know He is faithful.  Many will be in heaven alongside me who may never have known of their Savior.  Many lives were changed after having witnessed first hand the contrast of hate and love.

Just as the first responders bravely climbed the stairs and walked into the fire, may we all continue to be a witness for the Lord of His sacrificial love.  May we never forget 9/11.  May we never forget Calvary.

God bless America!  Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!


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