Wondering Why?

I am having one of those incredibly discouraging days weeks months years.   It sure would be nice to get the rotting putrid smell out of my nostrils by airing out the “dirty laundry”.  So, much as I want to, in my flesh, I know I would regret having my say.  God knows the truth!

I’ll say this though, I am wondering… if all that has been said to me today is true?  why did God heal me in March?  why have I witnessed personal answers to prayers, no one else knew about, and no one but God could answer?  why do I have one thing being said to me and another entirely to someone else about the exact same subject?

Someone’s gotta be wrong somewhere.  Or the words “this is pointless”, hurled at me every time sin is confronted, major pet peeve by the way, really is true and God a liar!


“Let God be true, and every man (myself included) a liar.”  I know that much is true.

I’m ready for eternity with my Lord and Savior.  This life on earth is wearying.



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