Post-op Update

I feel absolutely silly.  I must have dreamed that I updated you all this past weekend. What I thought I wrote is not here. 

A full week has passed since the surgery.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  At times it felt like the excruciating pain and nausea those first few days post-op would never (!) end.  That was by far the hardest thing I’ve had to bear.  It was bad enough to be sick to my stomach, but it took on an entirely different dimension with the back of my head full of sutures and staples. 

Rest was hard to find because I had to be flat on my back, I was terribly hungry, my head hurt inside and out, and if I wasn’t being awakened by dry heaves the nurses were calling my name and asking how I was.  Apparantly I was so desperate for relief I had the button for my pain pump of hydromorphone pressed while I was asleep.  There was one point where I found myself counting down the time before I could press the button once again.

That part lasted only a couple of days.  Thank, God!!!  Before I knew it, and wanted it, they began raising the head of my bed by 10% every hour.  That was tough!  It was very disorientating and felt like the worst episodes of vertigo I’ve ever had.

That afternoon they moved me out of the ICU and into a regular room,with a pretty view of lake Michigan.  Which I didn’t see until Thursday afternon due to an inability to handle so much light.  I did agree with the nurses, it was a nice view.  And I’m glad I got to enjoy it before they sent me home Friday morning.

I came home with my mom as chauffeur.  I didn’t even think about until now that the cloud cover was a blessing because I wasn’t subjected to bright sunlight for the 3 hour ride.  Another blessing was the smooth traffic and roads. When the roads got bumpy it was very jarring and overstimulating.

Not too much has happened since I got home, other than rest.  Lots and lots of rest.  And with that, much improvement.  I’m beginning to wean myself off the Vicodin, and Flexeril now I’m taking them 3x a day instead of 4.  The constant eye burn is gone.  Neck, shoulder, arm, back and leg pain has been reduced.  I can walk in an almost straight line.  My reflexes aren’t so hyper-sensitive.  Headaches have improved. Pressure within my head has decreased.  Incisions are healing.

I still have some noise in my ears – ringing, sounds of pulsing, and extra high sensitivity to loud sounds (dog bark, crying, doors opening and closing, dishes clanking, etc); as well as the irritation and feeling of over-stimulation when more than one person is talking, or someone is trying to talk over all the noise.  I have a hard time distinguishing one voice from another.  But that has been a long standing issue for me, at least since 2nd grade.

Swallowing is improving also.  I’m learning to get the meds into my mouth before the water.  Can’t tip my head back far enough for the water to stay in my mouth.  I’ve always done it the opposite way.  But I can take several pills at a time now and nothing gets stuck.

Sleep has been decent too.  I’m actually dreaming a lot the past few days.  I can tell you about some of the dreams because I remember them.  Whereas before surgery I don’t remember more than a couple dreams a month.

And the best yet, I can think!  It doesn’t take me forever to process thoughts.  Nor do I have as much of an issue remembering common words.

I truly praise the Lord for all of this. 


One thought on “Post-op Update

  1. Wow I can’t believe how quickly you are recovering. It has only been a week and it sounds like things are getting better and better.
    I will check back for more updates.

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