Surgery is scheduled…

On the 28th of this month I will be having my brain decompressed.  Monday I have my pre-op work-up.  Here are some very specific things to pray for/about:
  1.  My family – low level of anxiety/fear for them this is pretty uncharted territory for us.
  2.  My surgery – God will guide the doctors hands, that the procedure will go well: a piece of my skull will be permanently removed, my cerebral tonsils will be separated and shrunk, they will be separated from my brain stem, any adhesions will be removed, a dura patch will be sewn along the cut edges of the dura, and I will be closed up. 
  3.  My recovery – it will take about 2 days for my CSF to replenish so the pain level will be high, usually there is severe nausea.
  4.  No complications – there is the possibility of CSF leakage if a hole remains in the patch, that would require another surgery to repair; infection would need to be opened and drained; slim possibility of a bad complication during surgery.
  5.  For help – though I will go home after 5 days, I am no activity for 3 to 4 weeks post-op.  I don’t want the burden to fall onto my older kids.
  6.  For completion – to get everything in order here so there’s no major breakdown or anything that will cause me to cheat on my recovery.
  7.  For _______- anything that may come to your mind to pray about!

Thanks for praying!


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