The Reality of Christ

It has been hard to sleep well the last few nights.  Last night was no different.  I’m learning to continually lay the pain, fear, and unknown of Chiari before the Lord.  He truly does ease my thoughts and shows me His wonderful hand in just how He has worked things out for me.  Not only for diagnosis but to see a specialist, top in his field, within 3 weeks of his receiving my scans.

God did the same for us with Brandon and his kidney disease.  Adeline and her severe asthma.  Kaitlin and her MRSA infection.  Bethany and her broken collarbone.  Oh I could go on the point is God cares.

He cared when He brought us to the Chicago-land area.  When He gave my son and husband jobs.  Brought me some business with Custom Embellishments.  Friends for each of our kids.  Caring and compassionate friends.

Though I would often question what God id doing, there are times He shows me how long He has been at work in my life.  Such is this truth for Chiari.  My devotional this morning reads:

Rest in my Radiant Presence.  The world around you seems to spin faster and faster, till all is a blur.

Then it goes on to remind me to focus on Christ.  Orientation.  I’ll have to share more later because I really need to be getting ready to head to the Chiari Center.  I didn’t want to lose this before sharing it with you all.

Thanks for praying!


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