Heading North

I have all my stuff packed. 

Almost all of my forms filled out for the specialist. 

The kids are going to spend the time I’m away at a friends. 

I picked up a MUCH nicer rental car than I expected.  Gotta love free upgrades!  And yes, renting a car was cheaper than driving the gas Hog!

My list of questions is growing, as is my anticipation.  I hate MRI’s!  I’m thankful my friend, Tracy, will be going with me to the center.  She’s got a long boring day ahead of her though I know she won’t mind.

Here’s my schedule:
9:45am arrive at hospital
10-11 Neurological tests BAERS, SSEPS
11-12 MRI Cine and 3D
12-2:15pm Lunch
2:30 Consultation with Dr. Heffez
???  Back to Tracy’s house

Thanks to all who are praying!  Please pray for:

Travel mercies for me, especially up through Chicago. 
The time in the MRI.  Claustrophobia.
My recorder app on my phone to work throughout the consultation.
For a clear unhindered thought process.  Chiari fog.
The alone time in the car to be used for the Lord.


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