Time for a Chat…

James 2…what does it mean? 

Looking forward to your responses.

Ok let’s get started with this question; what does the opening verses in Chapter 2, not being a respector of persons, have in relation to the rest of the chapter?

Thank you, Amy, for your input.

Now for another question what motivates us to do for others? What ought to be the reason?


6 thoughts on “Time for a Chat…

  1. I have been mulling over this thought all week. Today is my “office” day so I thought I would sit down and write down some of my thoughts. This passage is such a good one though often I don’t really think about it enough.

    I’m thinking that the attitude of judgment shows a lack of being like Christ. For if we show partiality toward the rich and shun the poor we are not like Him. Our faith isn’t being produced in good works. Rather we have a faith without an understanding of Who God is.

    Judgment is such an issue in our circles today. Sometimes I am very thankful to be in South Africa and away from the “American issues”. Here they don’t know about all of the petty differences that are such a part of fundamentalism today. I know, I know, some would not call them petty but really . . . .

    I’m learning with you Debbie not to worry about what others think about me but rather center on what does God think of my life. For some reason it is extremely difficult – I guess we allow others to dictate what we do, how we do it, when we do it, etc and forget that they aren’t the ones we are here to serve.

    I want a faith that is strong in Christ-honoring works rather than a faith that “sounds” good. I don’t want an attitude of judgment to keep me from living a Christlike life. When I read about His life on earth I don’t see the judgment, the shunning, the “separation” that is so prevalent today.

    Oh, that I could be more and more and more like Him!!!


    • amy, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what i learned studying this chapter. for instance the rich poor partiality…could be applied further out to popular.unpopular, great personality.porcupine, recognition for serving.silent closet servants. are we looking for those who truly need the encouragement of mercy, or are we looking at everyone through partiality which naturally causes us to reward those who very possibly arent deserving, more than that they arent the ones the lord wants to encourage toward righteousness.

  2. I agree with you on that as well. For me I found that the person I thought was “too hard” for me ended up accepting Christ and is now a dear friend. I had to get past my fear and ask God to work through me.

    So often we allow our flesh to control us rather than the Spirit. Rather we need to see people through the filter of God’s eyes and love rather than our idea of who they are.

    I hope others will join in – this is a great passage!

    • Great input, Amy! Thanks for sharing your heart! I know God is using you in SA. I think your point can be summed up that Christ came to seek and to save the lost. And He reached out to the lost. Knelt down before them and showed them love. He healed their sick. “While we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” He condemned the attitudes of those who were haughty over their good works. Praised humility.

      I have to say I need more, a lot more, humility and much less haughtiness in my personal walk.

  3. WOW Deb!! I would love to chime in on this discussion….so…hopefully I will meditate on this scripture in the next 24 hr. and then get back to you….do I have time for this?? I guess the answer would be yes, if it causes me to meditate on the word. I am not much for posting anywhere on the net, but maybe I could start so I don’t loose my marbles??? LOL

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