Say What?

“Dr. U, has scheduled you for an intra-articular cervical facet joint injection.”  When Dr. U’s nurse called I had no clue what she was talking about.  I’m still learning.  That’s what I get for taking Animal Science classes in place of Biology and Anatomy and Physiology.

I think this will be another good “column” for my blog…medical terms related to Chiari and spinal degeneration.  Maybe?  What do you think?

I had the first injection December 28th and due to inflammation I had to reschedule the left side injection.  In a little less than 2 hours I’ll be propped up on my right side, wrapped in the sheet covering the table, and strapped down – so I don’t fall of the table. 

The nurse will clean the injection site with betadine, several times, and place surgical drapes over my shoulder, face, and head.

The xray technician will get the continuous x-ray machine going and moved into position over my neck.

Then the doctor sprays freezing cold spray onto my skin and begins to insert the needle.  He confirms with all in the surgery suite that he’s in the right place, in between the cervical facet joint.  And gives me the injection. 

The whole injection process takes about 10 mins.  And days to recover from…at least for my first shots that was the case.  We’ll see about these ones.  

This time I’m not getting any sedation.  So please pray I will be calm and comfortable.


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