Irritation and Irradiation

Face down and strapped onto the surgical table, scrubbed and ready to get the facet joint injection my new PM doc, Dr. K., asked permission to change the procdure to an epidural. He felt it would be more effective as it would provide relief all around especially since I have a couple herniated disks.

If anyone wants to prove evolution they can’t do it by me…unless one is “proving” survival of the fittest. Then again, well…nevermind.

I did agree to the epidural but only because they were using the x-ray to ensure they didn’t do a spinal tap. Now that my neck has been sufficiently irritated and irradiated I get to take my pain meds while I wait for the steroids take effect.

Lookout facebook here comes “Alice”.

I think I better sign up my alter ego as a blog author. Should I categorize the posts under Wonderland, or down the rabbit hole? Who knows what things will grow before my very eyes. Ha! Ha!


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