Closer to Christ – Introduction

A dear friend gave me a daily devotional book written as God showed Himself to the author. Since I have not read the entire book, yet, I can’t give an official endorsement, however, I can say I love the format.

I love letters! The best ones have the return address of a loved one, a special friend, or one of my Titus 2 women. With the ease of email pretty much the only envelopes in our snail mail box are my medical bills. Let me tell you Neurological and Spinal issues are not cheap! Anyways, I love reading the name of the sender, feeling how thick the envelope is, and even holding off on reading the letter until all is quiet on the Borrmann front. I especially cherish the letters God uses to speak to me. Whether He is encouraging Godly character, chastening me for sin, or wrapping His loving arms about me, the personal aspect always touches my heart.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the writing of this particular devotional was done as the author spent her daily time alone with the Lord. The result is a daily letter from the Lord to the reader. I hope that I will have a chance to share with you all each week the special reminders I received from the LORD about who He is, how He loves me (us), what He is doing in my life, and/or why He is allowing me to pass through the deep waters of trials or pouring out the blessings of following Him.

The first installment of Closer to Christ will be blogged tomorrow, hopefully.


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