Mrs. Johnson’s Peanut Brittle

I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but I love hard crunchy candy. The absolute best was always my Go-Go Grandma’s peanut brittle. It was perfect!

Not too many peanuts. A nice thin shattering layer of Karo syrup…and all the other yummy things I remember.

I tried making some Brittle for our allergy queen only to find it wouldn’t set. I guess the peanut free butter free brittle is not so brittle. A hot bubbling pot of oil and syrup is as far as it went.

You can imagine my disappointment. Can’t you?

Then came the cookie exchange and boy, oh boy, was I excited to see the peanut brittle! I hesitantly took the first bite only to find it was just like great-grandmas. Yahoo!

I was handed a generous amount of pretty little candy bags filled with brittle. And shared many of them with my family when I got home. Then I hid a couple of the scrumpcious delights for savoring later.

Last night I was looking at pictures just brought back to us from Uruguay and suddenly I had to have that brittle. It must have been the picture of great grandma that triggered the craving. So I went to the place I hid them only to find they were gone.

I felt like the woman in the parable who searched high and low for the lost coin. And since it was late, usually past the time I take my bedtime meds, I’m sure the kids thought I was in wonderland already.

I never did find Mrs. Johnson’s brittle. I may just need to buy the supplies and ask her to make me some more. Soon. Very soon!


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