Warning, Will Rogers!!!

DANGER AHEAD: I am learning a lot about what it means to walk the talk. That looking great on the outside, isn’t what the Christian life is *all* about. (Romans 8:29, 12:2; Philippians 3:12; Matthew 23:27-28) That I have to be thankful for the gifts the Lord has given me, rather than covet the gifts of others. (1 Corinthians 7:7; 12:1-31). When I desire to be the hand when God has made me the foot, or to be the voice when He has made me the ear, I cause the body to be divided. Sad thing is that I have spent so much time listening to what role I play in everyone else’s eyes that I don’t really know what God designed me for.

As believers we are called to be separate but does it really mean that we have the right to say that because someone doesn’t see *our* way they aren’t walking with Christ? Maybe walking the same direction as the Lord is what makes us peculiar more so than what clothes we wear, what Bible we read, what continent we live on, what language we speak…maybe??? (Mark 7:7-8, 21)

Here is where the danger lurks, especially for me. I’m not perfect and I’m pretty much tired of trying to live up to everyone’s expectations and ignoring God’s. I am guilty of desiring the approval of man and casting aside the grace and mercy of God.

Life is hard enough with Chiari I and it becomes ever so frustrating and disouraging when it must be lived as if I’m a superwoman Christian. Quite frankly, that uses up too much energy and plants all variety of bitter seeds in my heart. And, no question, I would have a much more productive life if I would have left the pity party for myself. Instead, I hung up the banners bought the part hats and tooted my own horn. Now I am spending hours pulling weeds of bitterness from my heart.

How’s that for being real?!

So…here’s the plan I want to be honest and share my blessings, answers to prayers along with my mistakes and embarassing moments. That will require a definite measure of humility on my part and a cup or two of mercy on your part. And vice versa.

So…here’s the disclaimer…if you are a follower of Ain’t Losin My Marbles, and you were a follower of 33degreesbelowzero you might be in for a rude awakening. I hope you’ll see what I see about myself…um, I’m a hopeless obsessive compulsive perfectionist with foot in mouth disease. And my spiritual gift is prophecy with a healthy serving of administration and very little mercy. Maybe you already have been jolted awake by the sting of my tongue, or by my not so compassionate mercy. Possibly you have been ear to my black and white way of thought, and life. Perchance you are in the same choir as I and you can relate. Whoever you are in my life, I hope you will see the ways in which God is changing me.

Really! I actually edited this post at least, well, a lot to keep from tasting my stinky foot all night. 🙂

Ahem, back to the disclaimer…I will share some thoughts, beliefs, standards, struggles, human-ness, aka sin nature, as I walk with the Lord. I will also share some links, MRI’s, explanations, and even gruesome stuff about Chiari (CM). I will try to warn you first…if I remember. In either case, this blog will be the proof you were waiting for…to prove I’m human too.

And I’m horrible with punctuation!

How’s that for being honest? Of course, the ladies at BWM already know that fact.

So…maybe I *am* losin’ my marbles afterall.

If you’re ready to walk a mile, or two, or more with me I hope you know that I’m looking forward to the company. And I welcome the conversation.


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