Puttin’ Out the Welcome Mat

Many of you know me as a wife, mom of many and missionary who served God on deputation and later in Uruguay, South America. You prayed for me through trials. Rejoiced with me over God’s faithfulness. Tried to grasp my struggles.

Maybe you know me as a friend, a confidant, and as you read 33degreesbelowzero you knew my heart through all my musings. You laughed with me. Cried with me. Gave me swift kick in the backside.

Perhaps you are here by following a search engine link.

No matter how you arrived, you are welcome here. I hope in some small way I can make you feel at home.

Now, did you get your Dr. Pepper and Peanut M&M’s? I’m ready to sit awhile and share what God is doing in my life right now. I hope you don’t have to go anywhere soon!


3 thoughts on “Puttin’ Out the Welcome Mat

  1. So glad to be welcomed to this wonderful blog. I will grab my diet coke once i have this little one. For now I will grab my big glass of ice cold H2O.

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